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"Aspire Music School's lessons have been a very positive experience. We both feel that we have achieved something at the end of each lesson thanks to our great teacher. The lessons are very well structured with a consistent theme focussing on practical and theory. We are most impressed with the relaxed method of teaching but at the same time the very productive nature of the lessons. My son and I always look forward to each and single lesson. I would definitely recommend Aspire Music School to everyone!" 

"AMS is my third music school  I've had in two years and I feel like I am actually getting somewhere with the lessons I'm having. These lessons are well structured and the information is delivered in a very effective way. I know more than I've ever known before. My ability to read music as well as identifying other aspects of learning piano has significantly improved. It is an enjoyable experience and I look forward to each weekly lesson. Thank you!"

"I just want to commend our keyboard lesson teacher. I think she is very good as my daughter improved a lot!"

 "Our AMS piano teacher has been excellent in helping me to understand music theory and working on my ability to sight read. I've been taking graded classes since December and have already noticed a huge boost in my ability to play piano and identify notes on a staff!." 

"Our AMS piano teacher is amazing. He is very patient with my son and helping him to really enjoy playing the piano!" 

"Our AMS drum teacher is so patient, teaching him the basic of playing drums. My son is so excited to play, and never misses a class. He loves the music that was chosen, since he could choose his kind of music for exercise. Our AMS teacher is a fun teacher and knows how to treat her students. My son showed a tremendous improvement, 2 months and he looks like he had played for years. Thank you!"

"My AMS piano teacher is an excellent and knowledgeable piano teacher. Deciding to take up piano fresh at a later age,  my teacher has introduced me to the basics very well and has continued to motivate and assist me in my learning. His lessons are well structured and enjoyable, giving me the sense of achievement and progression with each visit. I would highly recommend AMS to students who are just starting or to students who have had some piano experience up their sleeve."

"Since my son started learning drums, his concentration became much better and he learned to coordinate movement between hands and legs, and play drums by following a rhythm. Our AMS drum teacher is tenacious and patient when she teaches my son.Thank you!"

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