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Our French Lessons

Our French lessons at Aspire Music School are well suited for everyone!


Are you a high school student aiming to achieve high marks? Are you a student who wants to learn as a hobby? Contact Paula Yacoub today by filling in the booking form or call her on 0422 800 534!

About Paula Yacoub

Paula Yacoub is an experienced French Teacher and Tutor offering private and group french tuition to students of all year levels.

Holding a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary School) from ACU majoring in the French method, she is up to date with her resources and provides well structured and personalised tuition for all her students.

Paula has extensive experience preparing students in junior high school years building the foundational skills, grammar and key language principles in preparation for Year 11 and 12 VCE French studies and assessment. She has experience preparing students for the speaking, listening and written aspects of assessments in both a VCE capacity and junior years.

With completion of the third year French Language and Culture "French 7" from the University of Melbourne and Diploma of French Language from Alliance Francaise in Melbourne, Paula has a deep familiarity with the French language and culture and aims to inspire the future generation through her weekly classes.

Lessons can either be face to face or online via Zoom. Secure your spot today!

Want to learn with family and friends? Fill in the booking form below!

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